Respected and well liked partner, leader and mentor among, clients, staff and coworkers, also count on Sherman to build strong and lasting relationships with designers, copywriters, publishers, editors, distributors, and retail markets. Her writing skill is evident in all of her published novels and her experience as a stand-up comedian a million years ago enhances her ability to be an effective and memorable communicator.

With over twenty years of detailed project planning and direction: Management plans, resources, timelines, milestones, critical path, execution and budgets are second hand to her. Sherman is known to drive decision making and problem resolution while managing multiple initiatives, projects and stakeholders simultaneously.


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Randi M. Sherman

​Project Manager, Award Winning Author and Strategist

With 20+ years of Project & Business Relationship Management

Top-notch organizational and interpersonal skills

An uncanny ability to simultaneously focus on the big picture as well as nuanced details, Randi is able to provide customized service managing all aspects of your projects and turn-out award winning novels on the side.

"Balance is key for a happy life and a clear, fresh prospective in business."

Creative and straight forward PROJECT and
BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT for your industry. Developing and delivering creative, operational and technology-enabled solutions in support of organizational objectives.

Award Winning Author of Humorous Fiction, Publishing and Promotion